Easy 4 ways to Protect Baby from Infections

One of the worst experiences for new parents is when their little one becomes unwell. Especially during the colder months of the year, there is an increased risk of infection, cold and fever. Since babies have weaker immunity until they are a year old, they are prone to frequent bouts of runny noses or chest […]

Baby’s Distress during Teething

There are special rubber toys or teething rings which contain gel that you can offer to your baby to chew on when he’s teething. These will help relieve soreness around his gums. If your baby has started on solids, you can also offer him cold foods like yoghurt, cold stewed and mashed apple or banana, […]

The Significance of Immunization

Even though babies get most antibodies to help fight and prevent infections through the mother’s placenta and breast milk, there are certain common childhood illnesses which they can still catch. Some can be serious, so it’s important to vaccinate your baby on time according to the vaccination schedule provided by your paediatrician. Vaccines have been […]

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