Burp Baby

Whenever you feed your baby, irrespective of whether you are breast feeding or bottle- feeding, your baby will tend to swallow some air along with milk. The air can get accumulated in his stomach and cause pain or discomfort which can lead him to refuse more milk. Thus, it’s important to expel the air periodically while feeding your infant. However, do not disrupt the feed if your baby is not too willing to let go of the nipple. If breastfeeding, you can wait until your baby finishes with one breast. In case of bottle-feeding, you should burp him more often, after every ounce.

Ways to Burp Your Baby

On your shoulder: Let your baby rest his head on your shoulder, with his face away from your neck. Supporting his bottom with one hand, use the other hand to gently pat or rub his back.

Sitting up: Put your baby in a sitting position on your lap. Use one hand to support his chest and gently rub or pat his back with the other.

Across your knees: Lay your baby down with his stomach resting on one knee and his chest on the other. He should face away from you with nothing obstructing his mouth. Gently rub or pat his back with your hands.

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